Taking the next step…

Listen up!!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Should I take the next step? What if I get rejected.. What if I’m moving too fast.. STOP doubting this relationship! We are on some next level shit here people!! ILY.

Side Note..

If for whatever reason you find yourself asking yourself, “wow wonder what she would think of this book!” Then wow oh wow how lucky are you to be in the right place! I love books, I love book recommendations. PERIOD. So if you are up for me to read something and review it then get in contact with me! I will give you a shout out in the post if requested. Also I will rate the book with my honest opinion! (Unless you buy my rating.. KIDDING, I’m too expensive to lie) 😉 So if you find yourself being A-OK with all the above then get in contact with me! Also, I like Fiction, Romance, YA, Fantasy or anything in that realm FYI. So now you know, not thinking you’re wondering but just incase.. Okay bye!

Or do whatever this is!!

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