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Delia Owens 4 Prez!!!

Okay I know what you’re thinking… Can everyone just shut up about this book already??? Yeah, no because it is amazing!! Probably one of my more proud moments when I actually liked this and finished it quickly. But when Reese Witherspoon tells you to read something, you read the dang thing. Delia Owens for president please. She has…

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Hush, Hush Review

Does this look right? If not, who cares. Okay.. Am I already embarrassed that I am doing this and currently hiding in my closet writing this so that I don’t risk being seen? Sure. Am I having a blast? Sure. So I am starting with my personal favorite… The Hush, Hush series. Why do I…

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Welcome Home

Let’s be real honest real quick. I have no credentials to be starting a book review blog. I don’t really read anything that I should be proud of and my grammar typically sucks. This book review A.K.A my personal diary where I can type out my thoughts on my books that I can never share…

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