Deviant King

Book: Deviant King | Author: Rina Kent | Genre: Dark Romance, HS Bully | Rating 2.5/5

*Sighs* “Can I get a questionable Dark Romance with an extra side of cheese”

I decided to start the royal elite series because I needed some spice in my life. This series came highly recommended and I can see why… kinda…. This book follows Elsa and Aiden. This series reminds me of Fallen Royals but just way darker and British…. Caleb has nothing on Aiden and that is a boundary I never thought would be passed LOL… Elsa is a transfer and of course Aiden immediately wants to ruin her life because of something from the past that Elsa has no clue about. Aka no surprising plot there. Let’s cut to the chase…. This books title should be trigger warning because of how dark Aiden is. The boundary between sexual assault and dark romance is very blurred. I felt extremely uncomfortable in moments because of how aggressive and evil he is. He not only attacks Elsa by choking, biting, and pinching. And it isn’t done sexually it’s done out of him seeking control and wanting to scare her. In most dark romances we have a couple of these scenes and then the main guy realizes he’s being a monster and his love stops him… WELL let me just say we have not reached that moment yet. He doesn’t only abuse her physically but also mentally. He threatens her into doing things by threatening to hurt her friends and family. Like messed up stuff. Like a threat to get her friend drunk and have a guy take her home….. Like CREEPY. While Elsa is a pretty headstrong girl she continues to put herself in situations where her and her loved ones could get hurt. So eventually you don’t feel sorry for her because the abuse turns her on? Gross? This isn’t kinky spicy dark stuff. This is call the police and load your shotgun creepy stuff. This book irked me…. Will I try and see if it gets better? Yes… I will try my hardest. :/// the only way this can get better is if Elsa goes evil and they’re both insane together. But as long as they portray her as innocent and fighting to not be attacked this won’t work for me.

Also the amount of “arseholes” in this book is comical. And it was mentioned several times about how Elsa reads Chinese war books? Like what the hell LOL. I mean no issues there but why is that so random???? This book also has little hidden errors and a lot of repetitiveness. It also ends with a cliffhanger which was so random it didn’t even really shock me….



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