Book: Gleam | Author: Raven Kennedy | Genre: Fairytale Fantasy, Romance | 5/5

Okay well this book broke me and then put me back together several times. All I am going to say is tiktok has opened me up to so many different books and I am forever thankful!!! This book… Rip/Slade… Come to momma sweet babies of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auren: “…You’re not the villain in my story.” RIP/SLADE: “I am,” he says without remorse, his sharp jaw tight with tension. “But I’ll be the villain for you. Not to you.”

Chills?? Thoughts?? I screamed when I read that. This book is so amazing and I have never crushed on a character so much in my life. He is so manly but respectful and protective and its just so healthy UGH.. I can’t say a lot about the book because I don’t wanna spoil but just know this book is something else. I was angry, sad, laughing, lusting and every other dang thing. I can’t believe I have to wait another year for the next book… It ended so fast and now I am scrambling wanting to know what happens next to my sweet Auren. She has so much growth in this book and it had my heart bursting for her. And also EFFF Midas he is worthless… Also Digby… Also I am still crying over Sail.. But okay Rip/Slade?? Can’t wait for y’all to figure that one out even though I always had my suspicions. PUHLEASE read these books and then talk to me about them..



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Let’s get a few things straight. No beating around anyone’s bush –> straight to the factttsss. This blog will only consist of posts that I will immediately regret after posting due to the fact that I have no business having any type of opinion on absolutely anything.. Also if you are hoping to read some genius interpretation of some of the finest literature please do both of us a favor and just block me, or whatever you do on WordPress to completely erase the risk of you reading my trash reviews that will make you instantly hate me and want to tell me why.

Also if you haven’t noticed…. I am not a writer, and I usually never reread anything. (Or am I just that bad at English that I can’t form a correct sentence?) So if bad punctuation and incorrect use of words drives you crazy please join the people who already hate me because I am a disgrace to book bloggers everywhere.

This is my little oasis where I can drink my wine, probably get a little too tipsy and post my reviews about the books that I am usually too embarrassed to openly say I am reading. (Why do I still love young teen love, gross)

Okay now if you are a visual person and want to know what kind of blog this is. Picture a trashcan on fire. No further explanation needed.

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