Cruel Abandon

Book: Cruel Abandon | Author: S. Massery | Genre: Dark Romance, low key suspense | Rating: 4/5

Is your jaw on the floor? Did you see my rating? Is S.Massery making me eat my words?! Okay so this book is better than all the others by far. I wish Liam and Skylar were the ones who got the 3 books. This storyline was way more developed and portrayed in a more realistic and easy to accept way… If that makes any sense. And it also sold me on a low key suspense vibe? I can tell the author was trying to do that in the other books with the whole “stalkers” but it just fell short for me and didn’t make me say OMG at the end. This one for sure caught me off guard and I actually wanted to know more rather than before me just saying spit it out because I don’t caaarrreeeee. Also Skylar is the best female character this far…. Margo was the worst. JUDGE ME HATE ME BUT I STAND BY IT.

With all her books I always get super excited in the beginning because it’s just so enticing. I usually get bored once she starts shifting the book to this big thing that the reader is suppose to guess at the entire time. But this one wasn’t nearly as bad. I will say I LOL’d at the end when the big bad guy and Liam face off and somehow the bad guy doesn’t whip his gun out but starts boxing with Liam? How convenient since Liam is a boxer? #cornyAF ALSO, I feel like the author explained Liam so much more than Eli or Caleb. I am getting a feeling Liam held a soft spot in her heart. But once again we have Margo who had a stalker and a sad life. We have Riley who had a sad life and a stalker. Now we have Skylar who probably had the hardest/scariest life and somewhat of a stalker….. We also have 3 guys who are egotistical and hateful. Then we have the girls that were never really in the wrong which isn’t revealed till the end. Then we have the ending of immediately moving in with the sociopaths and marriage, babies? Blissful happiness? All psychotic anger issues vanished? Hahahahah

Overall Liam has the most character development throughout the book and he was the easiest to forgive because he’s not a rich entitled asshole…. Now I will say the next book is the last and it’s Theo and Lucy’s story and I have been the most eager about them since book 1 of Caleb and Margo. I will be happy to finish this book journey out and let y’all know what I think!! (Read this)



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