The Hunted Series

Book: “The Hunted Series” | Author: Ivy Smoak | Genre: Erotic, Romance, gagfest | Rating: 2/5

Okay I know you’re thrown off by my rating… Like I am not that harsh of a critic and I’m not rating this book poorly on the author’s ability to write a book… I am PURELY writing this on how much the freaking characters annoyed the living hell out of me. I read a couple books in the series before I had to brand it “unreadable.”

I like dark romance because I love friends to enemies and controlling men… And I can admit I only like it on paper because if my husband even raised his voice at me I would not be okay!!! LOL. (I can talk smack but I truly can’t take it back) But “Professor Hunter” is everything that is wrong with the world… I know that’s harsh but he is so whiny and manipulative that it’s not even freaking hot. I also like a main girl that can put up more of a fight especially for her own self dignity… She was lacking and I hated how toxic she was with Tyler. And also why did they start his plot line out like that just to turn around and make him the best guy ever???? Which Usually isn’t the case so ladies if a man does that to you do not pass out a second chance!!!!! This book did have good moments but they were drowned out by annoying personality and random characters (Brenden)??? Like what’s this guys deal???? And so everyone in effing town wants to be this chicks lover??? Too much. And ALSO don’t even get me started on the professors brother HE IS DISGUSTING. And his character was only made like that to remind us of homegirls sex appeal because that’s all he freaking talks about. And don’t even get me started on how “she can play video games with the boys because she grew up with a N64!!” I am dry heaving at this point. Way too corny, way too goofy, and way too blah!!! Now a lot of people like these books and it was hard to even find a bad review so let me be the first… Ivy girl I love you, so many people love you. But this book is a no for me!



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Let’s get a few things straight. No beating around anyone’s bush –> straight to the factttsss. This blog will only consist of posts that I will immediately regret after posting due to the fact that I have no business having any type of opinion on absolutely anything.. Also if you are hoping to read some genius interpretation of some of the finest literature please do both of us a favor and just block me, or whatever you do on WordPress to completely erase the risk of you reading my trash reviews that will make you instantly hate me and want to tell me why.

Also if you haven’t noticed…. I am not a writer, and I usually never reread anything. (Or am I just that bad at English that I can’t form a correct sentence?) So if bad punctuation and incorrect use of words drives you crazy please join the people who already hate me because I am a disgrace to book bloggers everywhere.

This is my little oasis where I can drink my wine, probably get a little too tipsy and post my reviews about the books that I am usually too embarrassed to openly say I am reading. (Why do I still love young teen love, gross)

Okay now if you are a visual person and want to know what kind of blog this is. Picture a trashcan on fire. No further explanation needed.

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