In an Instant

Book: In an Instant | Author:Suzanne Redfearn | Genre: Psychological Fiction, Domestic Fiction | Rating:3/5

Well, what in the heck’N BOB.. So yes I haven’t posted recently and YES I know I said I would be better… In my defense I have been reading but I have trauma attached to my laptop which makes me not want to use it. I am about to graduate with my bachelors and every time I look at my laptop I think of all the work I have to do before I am free…. So I am hurting myself to SPEAK MY LITERARY TRUTH. I am so dramatic but this is the only place I can babble.

Okay what was I saying??? This book… I have mixed emotions about it, it was very different for me and I love throwing a curve ball into my reading patterns to just refresh my mind. Okay this was not a good refresher, it was heavy! This book follows an accident where 16 year old Finn Miller is on a trip with her friend and family when there is a huge wreck and she is killed. (Literally not a spoiler it’s on the back of the book)!!!!!! This follows Finn basically observing everyone after the tragic incident from her ghostly or dead form. So this book is real and raw when it comes to the differences in grieving especially when involving toxic people. The most interesting parts for me would be what took place during the incident while everyone who survived tries to not die from the cold. It really shines a light on the ugly head of survival and how when people are scared they really do change into more animalistic tendencies..

This book really did hurt my feelings several times. I was screaming from my couch at people. I struggled with this book because it was just too much involving crappy ASS people. Don’t even get my started on the Mother… Like please read this book and then tell me you agree with me when it comes to why she deserves to be alone in a cave somewhere. As a mother myself the way she reacted seemed so cold it freaked me out. She wasn’t a decent character before Finn died and for sure wasn’t one after. She did a few good things but she was lost to me. Okay I am rambling.. Let me just say this.. What kind of Mother immediately, like right when they get home completely throws all of their dead child’s stuff away?? Then gets mad at her husband for wanting to keep stuff and remember his child?? UGH IT IS HARD TO WRITE A REVIEW WITHOUT SPOILERS.. Anyways, this book was a decent read but I don’t like getting worked up like that. So there ya go!!!



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Let’s get a few things straight. No beating around anyone’s bush –> straight to the factttsss. This blog will only consist of posts that I will immediately regret after posting due to the fact that I have no business having any type of opinion on absolutely anything.. Also if you are hoping to read some genius interpretation of some of the finest literature please do both of us a favor and just block me, or whatever you do on WordPress to completely erase the risk of you reading my trash reviews that will make you instantly hate me and want to tell me why.

Also if you haven’t noticed…. I am not a writer, and I usually never reread anything. (Or am I just that bad at English that I can’t form a correct sentence?) So if bad punctuation and incorrect use of words drives you crazy please join the people who already hate me because I am a disgrace to book bloggers everywhere.

This is my little oasis where I can drink my wine, probably get a little too tipsy and post my reviews about the books that I am usually too embarrassed to openly say I am reading. (Why do I still love young teen love, gross)

Okay now if you are a visual person and want to know what kind of blog this is. Picture a trashcan on fire. No further explanation needed.

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  1. I love this review. I’m definitely going to check the book out but.. the review is where the gold is. I’m still chuckling. My husband is concerned for my mental health. Brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing this, I needed it.

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