Mr. Masters… STFU

Book: Mr. Masters | Author: TL Swan | Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction, Erotica | Rating: 2/5

So.. I read this book because it was recommended for people who enjoyed reading the, “Stopover.” As I do see the similarities in a sense of humor and being able to make me laugh I don’t feel like they are similar enough to make me fall in love with it. The plot was definitely lacking. So this book follows a young woman Brielle (26) and a widowed father Julian (39). Yes, there is quite an age gap but don’t worry it works in the sense of hotness.

This book really did start out strong when the MC were more so separated. They had great personalities when apart but when together they kind of got stagnant. I loved Brielle in the beginning because she was hilarious and snarky. And he was brooding and mysterious. The further in the book the more the characters lost their own personal storylines and really became one person but not in a good way. Also I love a good lovers fight in the books and while they somewhat had them they under delivered and the fights didn’t really show the character growing, and they ended almost immediately with one character completely giving up their stance. Maybe this is the healthy way to go about it but for a juicy storyline it SUCKED.

Also let’s talk about Julian…. So the whole book you just know he is a widow and has complete commitment issues. Then towards the end we find out he never loved his wife while she loved him and cheated on her with prostitutes and tried to make it sound better by saying it wasn’t an “emotional affair.” ?????? Uhm…. then his wife killed herself when he asked for a divorce. So this woman loved this man and had two children with him and he was so self involved to see she was dying on the inside. Like how freaking infuriating? How can you read that and then think of this as a romance novel.

Also I had an issue that Julian and Brielle literally had sexual encounters on the couch while the children were sitting on the floor infant of them watching a movie?? Like what the hell how is that a hot and sexy scene. Two innocent children are right there and you’re both finger banging each other. That was not hot for me at all.

This book was honestly a bust. It had great potential and made me laugh in the beginning but overall it was really unnerving and made me uncomfy.

xoxo, your ehh blogger


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