Just Drop Out: Hannaford Prep Year One

Book: Just Drop Out | Author: J.Bree | Genre: Dark, Romance, New Adult, Fiction | Rating 4.75/5

Okay so this is surprisingly a good book. However, I just recently discovered that there is such a thing as a New Adult Genre and I have been aiming toward that more so than YA. I don’t know why, maybe I was hoping it would be more so college or at least 18+ characters. (even though they are probably the same exact thing LOL) This book has such a great storyline but I struggled with the fact that these kids start out just being 15. This is a series that each book represents a new year of HS. So of course we start off in the 9th grade. So it makes sense they are young but the knowledge and experience these kids have it just a little unimaginable.

I liked this book because it’s pretty accurate with the common day to day changes when it comes to crushing on someone. I feel like so many books the main character just focuses on one love interest and doesn’t notice anyone else? Like what??? This book more so shows the attraction the main character has for several different characters but you can see her slowly moving towards one person and something about that is so refreshing and dadgum honest! I just have to keep reminding myself that they are somehow 15? Yet I would never let my 15yr child read this? Why can’t this book be college? Still involves 4 years? It just makes it awkward for the reader when they are creating such a sexual and high use of language book and then hit you with oh and yeah these kids aren’t even old enough to drive.

I also love how the main character defends herself and is good at it and isn’t the damsel in distress. But once again her experience in this world of violence is a little far fetched for a kid that is only 15. I understand that kids can go through a lot before 15 but the physical experience is just off.

This book really takes its time to develop relationships but at the same time keeps it very interesting. I really love that because sometimes when the relationship starts too soon it can keep a book from keeping your interest.

Overall I am excited to read the rest of these books!



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