Pretty Reckless (All Saints High)

Book: Pretty Reckless | Author: L.J. Shen | Genre: New Adult Fiction, Romance | Rating 4.5/5

Penn… BABY. I am on a roll with these romance books and I am loving every second of it. I love a romance with a good and saucy plot and this one hit the mark. All you have to tell me is this is a hate to love romance and I am already 75% sold on it.

This book follows two seniors in HS, Daria and Penn (both 18). They of course hate each other while fighting deep rooted sexual tension. I love when an author knows how to write about tension and mature fighting. Does that make sense?? Like I hate when I read a book and the fighting is just so juvenile and corny. Like this was cut throat and sophisticated choice of words.

Here is my reasoning for not giving it the extra “0.5.” This book had such a strong plot that it could have easily been slowed down and made more in depth and carried on into at least one more book. I feel like at the end they just crammed so much into the end and it left me feeling scrambled wanting to scream, WAIT A MINUTE L.J.!!! I don’t ever want to knock any writer’s style but I always get bummed when I see an author choose to instead make a part 2 to a book that was amazing and instead make a “book 2” from another character’s romance story. Like that’s great and all but I needed more from Penn and Daria, sorry not sorry! I just feel like the entire book I was on the edge of my seat wanting to see them healthy and together and we got like 2 pages of happiness that spanned over several years? Like I needed more, Penn and Daria deserved MORE.

Anyway, rant over but I loved this book! I loved it so much that I wanted more! Read this, don’t read this whatevvverrrr. But I am still heart eyes over it.

xoxo, (love u Penn)


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