My Anxiety Told Me To Say Hi

Okay! I have been on here for roughly close to 2mnths (ish). I somewhat took a hiatus the last several weeks because listen here my Queens and Kings if you feel yourself slippen you cut the crap and reevaluate. I recently had my first child in June and on a serious note PPD kicked my behind. Reading has helped a lot, but I got to the point where reading was making it worse so you know what I did? I said okay girl listen lets take the backseat and chill out. Nothing wrong with that.

When I created this blog it was not really to do anything but work as my little diary so that I could remember how books made me feel. Because it gets hard to remember every book when you read a lot! I am not a writer and I am not a grammatically correct person and I know that angers people but hey get in line, take a number I process things through like the DMV AKA if you want to get pressed over something do be prepared to wait awhile before I pay it any mind (if I ever even do lol)! So like I say literally everywhere on this blog, if you are looking for well thought out posts this ain’t for you honey bun. The book reviews I post are literally almost ALWAYS immediately after I read a book and my raw, unfiltered thoughts about them. Also side note.. I really got into this site because I felt like I was on MySpace again designing my homepage, love that for me.

Anyways this post is just to say no I am not a New Years goal reader who doesn’t stick with it. I just know when to slow down if something isn’t bringing me joy. Okay but honestly, I think I stopped reading because I was being so freaking hard on myself for not wanting to finish a book. Like I would not let myself give it up. As soon as I opened a different book it was like the gates of Heaven flooded open and I was back at it!

I ramble a lot.. But always, stay on top of that mental health my loves. Because at the end of the day no one is going to notice it like you do!

National Suicide Prevention LifelineHours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. 800-273-8255

SAMHSA’s National Helpline 1-800-662-HELP (4357),is a free confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service (in English and Spanish) for individuals and families facing mental and/or substance use disorders.


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Let’s get a few things straight. No beating around anyone’s bush –> straight to the factttsss. This blog will only consist of posts that I will immediately regret after posting due to the fact that I have no business having any type of opinion on absolutely anything.. Also if you are hoping to read some genius interpretation of some of the finest literature please do both of us a favor and just block me, or whatever you do on WordPress to completely erase the risk of you reading my trash reviews that will make you instantly hate me and want to tell me why.

Also if you haven’t noticed…. I am not a writer, and I usually never reread anything. (Or am I just that bad at English that I can’t form a correct sentence?) So if bad punctuation and incorrect use of words drives you crazy please join the people who already hate me because I am a disgrace to book bloggers everywhere.

This is my little oasis where I can drink my wine, probably get a little too tipsy and post my reviews about the books that I am usually too embarrassed to openly say I am reading. (Why do I still love young teen love, gross)

Okay now if you are a visual person and want to know what kind of blog this is. Picture a trashcan on fire. No further explanation needed.

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