MERLIN WTF #Schoolforgood&evil#4

Book: Quests for Glory | Author: Soman Chainani | Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Fairy Tale | Rating: 4.5/5

Are you really that surprised? I am back, same books nothing has changed! These books.. If you haven’t read my 3 prior posts for this hexalogy then uhm hello what are you doing???

This book worried me, not going to lie. It was very slow in the beginning and now we are seeing the book through many more POVs. I won’t lie I felt like I was wanting to skip to Sophie’s chapters throughout majority of the beginning. Agatha and Tedros really were stagnant for me and I was snoozing a bit. BUT we have new characters!! Let me just tell you, this book blossoms the further you read. Soman did not disappoint and I am so sorry for doubting you baby!!! This book is filled with a lot of sitting in a quiet room and then randomly yelling at Tedros thinking he can hear you and wake TF up. No I don’t know how I got “lucky” enough and guessed how this book was going to end but I wish I was blind because I was angry the entire time. Like rule number one to be a boss a** b*tch.. DONT TRUST A BROWN NOSER. Gosh dang sharkeesha.. Also Merlin, WTF? Pull through homie you messing with some major abandonment issues and we NEED you. Okay but, on a brighter note Sophie is still hilarious and makes me laugh regardless of how ruthless of a friend she is. Also The Coven is becoming my favorites. Hester, Anadil, and Dot are the spice this book needs and they are way too underrated! Also I freaking love those rats.

This book is the start to The Camelot Years and I feel like I was thrown in freezing water and told to catch up and get with the new times. Soman for sure kept the interest with the changing in the direction. I am paying attention and I am prepared for any and EVERYTHING.


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Let’s get a few things straight. No beating around anyone’s bush –> straight to the factttsss. This blog will only consist of posts that I will immediately regret after posting due to the fact that I have no business having any type of opinion on absolutely anything.. Also if you are hoping to read some genius interpretation of some of the finest literature please do both of us a favor and just block me, or whatever you do on WordPress to completely erase the risk of you reading my trash reviews that will make you instantly hate me and want to tell me why.

Also if you haven’t noticed…. I am not a writer, and I usually never reread anything. (Or am I just that bad at English that I can’t form a correct sentence?) So if bad punctuation and incorrect use of words drives you crazy please join the people who already hate me because I am a disgrace to book bloggers everywhere.

This is my little oasis where I can drink my wine, probably get a little too tipsy and post my reviews about the books that I am usually too embarrassed to openly say I am reading. (Why do I still love young teen love, gross)

Okay now if you are a visual person and want to know what kind of blog this is. Picture a trashcan on fire. No further explanation needed.

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